Munson Sport Boats –A Sports Utility Vehicle for the sea
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Many manufacturers build their version of a “sport boat”. Most are fiberglass construction and are adequate for the average boater but “adequate” is not what
we are about. Munson builds sport boats with the same heavy duty welded
aluminum construction that our commercial boats are famous for. When you
buy a Munson Sport Boat you are making an investment in a vessel that has
over three decades of proven performance and customer satisfaction – a boat
that is both incredibly practical and capable of handling rough seas.

Munson Sport Boats are built using a minimum of 1/4 inch aluminum hull plating throughout, making them quiet and comfortable. Below deck, multiple watertight compartments ensure safety in the unlikely event that the hull is breached. The
forward keel is ½” thick and reinforced with beaching wear plates for landing on
rocky shorelines or concrete boat ramps. Our signature drop-down bow doors
make accessing the shore safer and more convenient – as well as making an
excellent platform for crabbing, diving, fly-fishing, and landing large game fish.
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